Amazing Acrobats

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Construction Guide
  • Screw a back arm to a back leg.
  • A cycle of five close to make the shape shown on the right, connecting only back arms to back legs.
  • In each cycle, be sure there is an over/under weave pattern. The connectors are always over the shoulders.
  • Make twelve such cycles of five.
  • Each cycle is roughly a pentagon. Connect the twelve pentagons like a dodecahedron, connecting front arms to front legs.
For an Extra Challenge...

Simply have visitors try to replicate the model already on display with the remaining parts.

In either case, for first-time constructors, ignore color. After understanding how the parts connect, various color patterns can be attempted. For example, each cycle of five can be a solid color, with opposite cycles being the same color.

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Amazing Acrobats
Amazing Acrobats
Amazing Acrobats