The Math Midway is a traveling exhibition that represents the first step in creating the National Museum of Mathematics. Filled with hands-on activities and cool things to see, the Midway is designed to amuse and entice participants ages 5 to 105. As a docent, you are a key part of this effort.

Math Notes

Each of the exhibits includes a sandwich board, like the one shown in the column on the right (click it to enlarge), that describes the intended activity ("Step Right Up") and the math behind it ("Here's the Math"). All of the sandwich boards are included in the Exhibits section of this web site, so you can become familiar with the information for your assigned exhibit. If you have math questions before the event, by all means please send them to us. If a visitor asks you a question and you don't know the answer, just let us know. Please provide the person's name and contact information, and we'll make sure one of our math experts sends them an answer.


All of the exhibits in the Math Midway have been designed with great care to be safe for people of all ages. However, whenever a large group of people gathers in one place, safety is a primary concern. We will need to make sure, for example, that participants use the exhibit equipment as intended. If you see anyone engaging in unsafe behavior, please intervene.

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Amazing Acrobats