Math Midway Training - Interactive Math Exhibit available for Street Fairs and Other Events

Frequently Asked Questions
What is MM2GO?
Math Midway 2 Go (MM2GO) is a suite of six interactive mathematics exhibits available for presentation at a wide variety of venues including schools, community centers, science festivals, and libraries. Hands-on activities captivate and engage visitors, highlighting the wonder of mathematics. MM2GO was created by the National Museum of Mathematics and is based on six exhibits from the popular hands-on Math Midway exhibition, which has toured science museums across the United States.

How do I bring MM2GO to my venue?
Email and include the following information: your name/name of your institution, its location, your desired timing, and whether you would like an educator to accompany the show. You will receive a quote and further instructions within a few days.

What kinds of venues can MM2GO visit?
MM2GO can visit any venue at all. The exhibits have been to schools, festivals, libraries, conference centers, and museums. MM2GO has been set up indoors and outdoors, and it can travel to venues near and far. MM2GO is very versatile and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your venue.

How much does it cost to bring MM2GO to my venue?
The rental fee for MM2GO is $950* per day. In addition to the rental fee, venues are responsible for round trip shipping, and for expenses to bring a trained installer from midtown Manhattan to your venue. Finally, MoMath requires a security deposit, which is refunded in full once the exhibits are returned to Manhattan in good working order with all appropriate pieces.

How long do most venues rent MM2GO?
Venues rent MM2GO for quite varied time periods. Some choose to rent the show for just a day, while others rent for weeks.

How much space does MM2GO need?
The set-up of MM2GO is flexible and depends on the traffic that your venue is expecting. MM2GO consists of four tabletop and two freestanding exhibits. The exhibition works best in a space that’s about 600-1,000 square feet, but it can be arranged to fit most spaces.

What are MM2GO’s power requirements?
MM2GO has four exhibits that require power. There are no special requirements; each of these four exhibits plugs into a simple wall outlet.

Will MoMath send staff with MM2GO?
MoMath will send an installer to set up MM2GO and equip you to troubleshoot the exhibits while you are handling the show. If you’d like MoMath to send an educator or additional staff to accompany the show, or if you’d like a MoMath deinstaller to take down the show at the end of its run, both are available for additional fees.

Does my venue need to provide staff for MM2GO?
MM2GO needs to be staffed by at least one person at all times. That said, experience and evaluation have shown that having additional facilitators helps provide better experiences for visitors to the exhibition. Up to six facilitators (one per exhibit) can be useful in staffing MM2GO.

What equipment does my venue need to provide for MM2GO?
To facilitate visitor flow, four tables should be provided. For tighter configurations, three six-foot or two eight-foot tables are sufficient. One of the exhibits requires a chair.

Are discounted rental fees available?
Discounted rental fees may be available for venues that rent MM2GO for three days or longer, depending on the particular situation.

Do the exhibits make noise?
Two of the MM2GO exhibits make noise. The Organ Function Grinder plays tunes that correspond to selected functions, and the Number Line Tightrope has number family icons that jingle when they move (through interaction with visitors or with a breeze if outdoors.)

Can my venue move the exhibits around?
MM2GO exhibits come with very detailed installation and deinstallation instructions. Venues that want to move the exhibits should consult with MoMath before doing so.

What happens if one of the exhibits stops working while MM2GO is at my venue?
Because MM2GO is comprised of interactive exhibits that encourage hands-on exploration, the exhibits may need occasional troubleshooting. The installer will tell your venue a little bit about caring for the exhibits, but if assistance is needed, MoMath provides telephone support.

Would there be a price break if I rent MM2GO back to back with another venue that’s close to me?
Since bookings are made independently, we cannot guarantee reduced shipping costs for multiple venues in close proximity to one another. However, should you wish to partner with other local organizations to bring MM2GO to your area for an extensive period of time, it is possible that shipping costs will be reduced.

Do you have educational or other materials that come with the exhibits?
Yes, MoMath can provide lesson plans for educational use with the exhibition upon request. Marketing materials are also available upon request.

*Prices subject to change.

MM2GO was created through the generosity of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Related educational materials were created with the support of PSEG.