Math Midway Training - Interactive Math Exhibit available for Street Fairs and Other Events

School Programs

Bring the excitement of hands-on mathematics to your school with Math Midway 2 Go (MM2GO)! The six MM2GO exhibits can visit your school. MoMath has selected a focus exhibit for each grade. See below for K-8 lesson plans that include activities for before, during, and after your MM2GO visit as well as connections to the Common Core State Standards.

Overview of an MM2GO School Visit:

  • MM2GO is rented by the day. The fee is $950* per day.
  • Schools can hire a MoMath educator to accompany the exhibits. The fee for an educator is $500* per day. It is also possible to hire an educator for an MM2GO training session with your staff.
  • Additional costs include set-up and installation fees.
  • MM2GO can fit in an empty classroom, a school library, a gym, or an auditorium.

* Pricing subject to change.

MM2GO Lesson Plans and Focus Exhibits:

Grade or Subject Focus Exhibit Connections to the Common Core State Standards Download the Lesson Plan
K Miles of Tiles Explore shapes and counting. Download
1st Number Line Tightrope Explore number patterns and families. Download
2nd Roller Graphicoaster Explore measurement of length (both straight lines and curves) and measurement of time. Download
3rd Miles of Tiles Explore fractions and shapes. Download
4th Miles of Tiles Explore shapes and symmetry, with a focus on tessellations. Download
5th Organ Function Grinder Explore rules and operations, preparing for later study of functions. Download
6th Number Line Tightrope Explore number groups, including prime numbers, squares and cubes, and more unusual number families, such as pizza and Fibonacci numbers. Download
7th Ring of Fire Explore the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, with a focus on cross-sections. Download
8th Organ Function Grinder Explore inputs, outputs, and functions in a hands-on format, including a preview of nested functions. Download
Algebra Number Line Tightrope Explore sets and recursive functions through the study of number families. Download
Geometry Miles of Tiles Explore geometric constructions and proofs with a focus on why shapes do or do not tessellate the plane. Download
Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry Funny Face The Common Core State Standards do not extend to learning standards for trigonometry and pre-calculus. This lesson plan explores linear, polynomial, rational, and trigonometric functions in both Cartesian and polar coordinates. Coming soon
Calculus Roller Graphicoaster Explore and build functions that model relationships between two quantities in the context of physical problems. Download

If you are interested in linking MM2GO to your high school curriculum, please email

All Math Midway 2 Go exhibits are designed to inspire the mathematical practices detailed in the Common Core State Standards and can be used with students of all ages. For additional information about using all six exhibits with students ranging from elementary to high school, see Additional Resources.

Curricular resources for MM2GO have been generously funded by:

The National Museum of Mathematics is the owner of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,602,790; 9,165,479; and 9,472,120 covering one or more exhibits at the Museum.