Host the Math Midway Traveling Exhibition

The Math Midway traveling exhibition provides an interactive, hands-on tour of a variety of exciting and surprising mathematical ideas, principles, games, and activities. The individual exhibits are presented with a midway/carnival style, and generally concern mathematics related to an event or activity you can find in a typical carnival, fair, or circus setting.

The Math Midway exhibition is designed to challenge visitors of varying ages, abilities, and learning styles. It includes an array of challenging, stimulating and engaging activities.

The exhibition is designed to fill 4,500 square feet, but it is modular and flexible, and can be successfully installed in any space between 2,500 to 5,000 square feet with average or greater ceiling height. For the smaller locations, it would be necessary to omit or rotate some of the individual exhibits. Content can be adapted for elementary, middle, or high school students. Individual installations encourage exploratory individual experiences as well as promote interactions among peers or between youth and adults. The exhibition is very popular among school groups.

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