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Mathematics illuminates the patterns that abound in our world. The Math Midway is a traveling exhibition, created by an energetic group of math enthusiasts working to establish America's only museum of mathematics. We are well on our way to becoming a world-class, permanent, public, hands-on museum.

The Math Midway exhibition provides an interactive, hands-on tour of mathematical concepts, using a carnival style. The individual exhibits include exciting and surprising activities that relate mathematical principles to games and events you would find at a typical carnival, fair, or circus. For information on hosting the exhibition, click here.

Debuting in June, 2009 at the World Science Festival Street Fair in New York City, the Math Midway has since delighted families and school groups throughout the country.

Math Midway - interactive math exhibition - view of exhibition
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The Math Midway is the first exhibition of the Museum of Mathematics. The mission of the museum is to enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics. Dynamic exhibits and programs will stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics. Through these activities, a broad and diverse audience will understand the evolving, creative, human, and aesthetic nature of mathematics. For more information about the ongoing development of America's only museum of mathematics, or to join our effort, visit MoMath.org.

The Museum of Mathematics is now open at 11 East 26th Street in Manhattan.

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What People are Saying:

"Our daughter Amy and family arrived yesterday from Hong Kong where they live. Therefore I was able to take our granddaughter Tamara, age 11 years, to Math Midway today! We both enjoyed it thoroughly. Tamara was really challenged by all the exhibits, spending considerable time with each one before going on to the next. ... After seeing your traveling show I am convinced that the museum will be a success."
Marion Liebowitz