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The Math Midway provides students with a sense of excitement about mathematics, and presents important mathematical concepts in new and engaging ways. If you are planning a field trip to the Math Midway, our Educator's Guide and Student Handouts will help you tailor your experience at the Midway to focus on the concepts most relevant to your class.

Educator's Guide

Amazing Acrobats

Amazing Math

Coffee Cup Curves

Funny Face

Magician and the Moon

Mathematical Monkey Mat

Math Unleashed

Miles of Tiles

Mirror Morph

The Mysterious Harmonograph

Number Line Tightrope

Organ Function Grinder

Pedal on the Petals

Pirate X and Lady Y

Plant the Daisy

Polyhedral Puzzle Plaza

Ring of Fire

Roller Graphicoaster

Three Ring Circleous

Traveling Carnival

Universal Wheel of Chance

Full Educator's Guide (all of the above, combined)


Common Core State Standards and the Math Midway

Common Core State Standards Table

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards

Student Handouts

Roads and Wheels

For Museum Docents

Class Activities

Amazing Acrobats build project
What People are Saying:

"Our daughter Amy and family arrived yesterday from Hong Kong where they live. Therefore I was able to take our granddaughter Tamara, age 11 years, to Math Midway today! We both enjoyed it thoroughly. Tamara was really challenged by all the exhibits, spending considerable time with each one before going on to the next. ... After seeing your traveling show I am convinced that the museum will be a success."
Marion Liebowitz